Robert Bühler


  • Advocate/Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
  • Lic. (UC Davis) 
  • CAS Arbitration
  • Partner


  • CAS Arbitration
  • Licentiate in International Transactions UC Davis 
  • Notary patent of the Canton of Lucerne 
  • Admission to the Bar 
  • Legal studies at the University of Bern


  • Business law
  • Contract law
  • Public notarisations & notary’s office
  • International law
  • Company law, Commercial law and Foundation law 
  • Procedural law
  • Family Office & Relocation Services
  • Data protection


  • CAS Arbitration
  • Language residencies in London, Sevilla and Geneva 
  • Conduct of negotiations University of Fribourg 
  • Corporate Governance University of St Gallen HSG Proficiency in English 
  • Bosshardt & Associates, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Structuring an international joint venture, Davis School of Law, California USA 
  • Dispute Resolution, Cologne 
  • International commercial contracts and dispute resolution, UC Davis
  • Orientation in U.S.A. Law, Davis School of Law, California USA 
  • Legal English


  • Lecturing at the Lucerne School of Business, Department International Law and Taxation 
  • Opening of the law firm Seidenhof in 2000 
  • Notary of the canton of Lucerne since 1999
  • Self-employed lawyer in Lucerne since 1997 
  • Legal assistant at a management consulting firm in Lucerne
  • Legal assistant and Head of Legal and Guardianship Department of a well-known fiduciary company in Lucerne
  • Legal assistant in the legal department of the cantonal parliament in Nidwalden 
  • Legal, judicial and administrative internships in the Canton of Bern


  • Swiss Bar Association (SAV) 
  • Lucerne Bar Association (LAV) 
  • Lucerne and Swiss Law Association
  • Lucerne Association of Notaries (LNV) 
  • Association of Trustees of the Canton of Lucerne 
  • Art Society
  • Mask Lovers Society Lucerne 
  • Central Switzerland Chamber of Commerce
  • Cooperation with Trachsler Attorneys-at-law Ltd, Zürich
  • Association Onpar


  • Islamic Finance and Islamic Finance and Arbitration (2022)
  • Information on the Shareholders’ Agreement 2015 (with Leonie Riemenschnitter) 
  • Legal definition of doctor-patient confidentiality 2006 
  • Walkout after KVG 2006 
  • Organisational forms of group practices 2005
  • Rating and Basel II 2004
  • Assignment of claims against health insurance companies 2002 
  • Legal aspects of the doctor’s ban 2002 
  • »Enic«-Constellation, NZZ


  • German, English, French, Spanish

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Obergrundstrasse 70
CH-6003 Luzern

CH-6300 Zug

Contact us directly

Obergrundstrasse 70
CH-6003 Luzern

CH-6300 Zug